In celebration of the 2024 total solar eclipse, I have created a capsule collection of one-of-a-kind pieces crafted to honor this extraordinary natural phenomenon.

During a total eclipse, the world undergoes a dramatic transformation: birds cease their songs, animals exhibit erratic behavior, and we, as humans, keenly feel the absence of the sun in profound and unsettling ways. It is a humbling and grounding experience.

This collection seeks to capture that experience and serve as a reminder of our deep-rooted connection to the sun, often overlooked in our daily lives. Crafted using techniques of reticulated silver, oxidization, and the Korean art of Keum-Boo, each piece is made in sterling silver and 24k yellow gold. They symbolize the various phases of the eclipse, from the crescent to its full position, encapsulating the beauty and mystery of this event.

I invite you to explore this collection and experience the magic of the eclipse captured in every handcrafted piece.

Stay tuned for the next Eclipse collection, scheduled for release in August 2026.