Each KSJ piece is handcrafted and meant to be worn. Most pieces can be cleaned with a mild hand soap (I prefer Kirk's Castile), a soft toothbrush and a polishing cloth. I recommend removing all jewelry before swimming, bathing, exercising or when applying perfumes, lotions or hair products.

In time your jewelry may be in need of a little extra love and care. Here are some tips for specific metals and stones:



If you buy an oxidized silver (black silver) piece, please know that oxidation can fade slightly over time. Please remove all oxidized and/ or pearl jewelry before coming into contact with water or chemicals (e.g. showering, swimming, painting or cleaning). If your oxidation has faded please email to get tips on restoring the patina.


Sterling silver is a beautiful precious metal that is meant to be worn. The more you wear it the shinier is stays! If you are not wearing your sterling silver pieces every day, it is best to store in a resealable plastic bag or airtight container. If you do see some tarnishing, you can clean it with a mild soap and polish it with a jewelry polishing cloth.



Gold is your best friend in the jewelry box.  Clean it with warm water and diluted mild soap. You can use a soft brush or cloth; avoid using an abrasive material as it can scratch the gold unevenly. Be sure to rinse and gently wipe dry after cleaning.



All KSJ Bronze pieces use a specific jeweler's bronze that resembles 14k yellow gold. Bronze contains copper that can darken over time. This is completely natural and occurs as a reaction with water and humidity. Some people experience a green coloring to the skin when it comes in contact with bronze. This is perfectly harmless and is due to the copper content.

If you prefer to avoid the dark patina to the metal, try to keep your bronze as dry as possible. Take your ring off when washing your hands and dry your hands thoroughly before putting your ring back on. You can also coat the inside of the ring with a clear nail polish. This will form a barrier between your skin and the ring. If tarnish begins to occur, a polishing cloth can be used for touch ups. For a bright shine, it is easiest to use a commercial polish like Brasso to restore your piece to its original luster.



KSJ pearl pieces will need a little extra caution. You can rinse your pearl on its own in warm water but must take extra care not to clean the pearl with any chemicals, abrasive cloths or solutions.